Reduce Stress Caused by Infertility and Make the Best Decisions for You, Your Relationship, and Your Family

Reduce Stress Caused by Infertility and Make the Best Decisions for You, Your Relationship, and Your Family

Counseling in Burlingame for Women and Couples Experiencing Infertility

When you discover you’re unable to conceive, it can be devastating. It can cause stress for you and your relationship.
Your world can feel like it’s been shattered.
After getting over your shock and disappointment, then you have to make a decision…
Should you be content without having a child?
Should you engage in infertility treatments?
Should you adopt a child?
What other options should you consider?
Infertility can be like a rollercoaster of emotions.

Problems Caused by Fertility Challenges

  • Distress due to not being able to conceive

  • Difficulty making decisions about what you should do

  • Relationship stress when you’re not in sync with your partner emotionally or disagree about options you should consider

  • Feeling alone and isolated

  • Concerns and stress about infertility treatments

  • Confusion about all the options available

As a counselor, I can support and guide you and your partner through the experience of infertility…

I’m a compassionate, non-judgmental and experienced therapist who can help you cope with and heal from your difficulties with fertility.
I can help you put things in perspective and assist you in preventing your fertility challenges from taking over your life.
I am passionate about working with women and couples who are struggling to find some sense of peace as they make decisions about their future.

Benefits of Infertility Therapy

  • Overcome any worries and fears about infertility and the decisions you need to make

  • Make the best decisions for you, your partner, and your family

  • Improve communication with your partner and come closer together

  • Get support with the waiting and stress of infertility treatments

  • Get help identifying and deciding on options

Counseling can ease the shock and grief of infertility and reduce your worries and fears.
I can help you come to terms with the fact that being a parent may look different than you originally planned.
We can work towards resolving any relationship stress that is due to infertility. I’ll help you and your partner understand each other better.
If you have different desires of what you’d like to happen, I’ll assist you in coming together to make the best decision possible.
Together, we can work on coping skills and make decisions that you feel good about.

I want to help you find more peace and happiness. I want you to find the best solutions for becoming a parent.
Contact me in my Burlingame counseling office and we’ll have a brief phone chat.
If we decide to work together, I’ll then support and guide you in your healing and decision-making journey.

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