Professionals and Executives:

Professionals and Executives:

Workplace Stress and Career Dissatisfaction Can Lead to Burnout and Exhaustion

Counseling and Coaching to Solve Workplace Problems, Help with Career Decision-Making, and Create More Work-Life Balance

If you’re a stressed leader, manager, employee, or successful professional you’ve come to the right place.
Chronic stress or unhappiness in your career can eventually lead to burnout – emotionally and physically.
If you’re unhappy at work, you may also be unhappy outside of work. The quality of your life can suffer – your mental and physical health may suffer.
Neglecting to make the necessary changes to turn your situation around increasingly creates more stress as each day passes.

Workplace or Career Distress Lowers Productivity, Quality of Your Work, and Life Satisfaction

Areas Where I Can Help:

  • You’re stressed about relationships at work. Your work environment is not functioning as well as it could.

  • You feel exhausted or burned out. Perhaps you’re anxious or depressed. You can’t keep up the pace any longer.

  • You doubt the value of your accomplishments. Your performance is not up to par.

  • Troubles at home are impacting on your work. Or, troubles at work are impacting your home life.

  • You’re dissatisfied with the direction your career is goingin. You’re not sure on the best move for your future.

I have 20 years experience as a Human Resources Consultant working with a range of companies from start-ups to Fortune 500’s.

Some of the companies I’ve worked for include: Accenture, Oracle, Kaiser,, Gap Inc., and Valeo. I’ve held an executive role for over 10 years working with leaders, line managers, and individual contributors.
I understand the demands and culture of organizations. I know the stresses that can build for high-achieving professionals and executives that cause exhaustion and disruption.

In addition to my corporate change work, I have over 20 years experience working as a Counselor and Coach.

I have the skills to help you with relationships at home and at work.
I can help you manage if you’re struggling with depression or anxiety. My unique experience can help you with both your personal and professional struggles.

I Have What it Takes to Help You Move Forward…

My diverse background in counseling, coaching, human resources and talent acquisition working with diverse organizations is exactly what you need to improve your situation.
I have the skills to help you increase your productivity, improve performance, assist with employee management, and plan for the future of your career.
I can help you reduce stress at home and at work and find better balance.

Turn Your Workplace Around, Boost Your Career Satisfaction, and Improve the Quality of Your Life

You can improve your work troubles, reduce stress and feel more in control.

Benefits I offer as your counselor and coach:

  • Improve leadership skills communication, conflict resolution, and management skills

  • Be more productive and improve the quality of your work

  • Create a more positive workplace culture

  • Have more ease in your day-to-day work and greater satisfaction with your accomplishments

  • Get clarity and a plan in place for the future of your career

  • Feel more fulfilled and happier at home and at work.

Counseling can help you create the life you want.

You can feel more relaxed and have more energy.
You can have more balance in your work and home life.
You can feel more optimistic about your future.

Contact me in my Burlingame counseling office to find out more about how I can help.

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